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Public Service

At Robert Allen Law, we recognize that we are not only just part of a law firm team, but we are also members and leaders of our own families and communities. We firmly believe that living a full and balanced life involves more than work. It involves realizing that our position as members of a community necessitates our utilizing our talents to better the world around us.

Robert Allen Law proudly sponsors the following organizations:

  • International Yacht Brokers Association
  • Yacht Brokers Association of America
  • Italy-America Chamber of Commerce, Southeast
  • International Sea Turtle Society
  • Ocean Conservancy
  • The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce
  • The 11th Annual Coral Reef Symposium
  • Florida Ocean Alliance
  • The Beacon Council

Florida Coastal Cleanup

Robert Allen Law organizes and coordinates the Florida Coastal Cleanup for Miami-Dade County, a statewide effort to clean up the Florida coastline and beaches, and increase awareness of marine conservation issues. The Florida Coastal Cleanup was launched in 1988 as part of the International Coastal Cleanup, a worldwide event developed by Ocean Conservancy. Ocean Conservancy serves to educate the public on issues of marine pollution and to use the information collected from the clean up to affect policy changes and other measures needed to reduce marine pollution and enhance marine conservation.

The Coastal Cleanup is the largest single day volunteer event of its kind, with volunteers from across the globe helping to keep their marine environment clean. Our Firm is proud to provide a leadership role in South Florida as part of this important event, to preserve not only our beautiful local coastline but to aid worldwide marine conservation. The first year of the event more than 10,500 Floridians cleaned 915 miles of shoreline and collected 194 tons of debris. Since then, the number of Floridians and affiliated county clean-up organizations has continued to grow. In Miami-Dade County, Robert Allen Law is making a concerted effort to create awareness and facilitate opportunities for this event to be bigger and better each year.

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