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A Note from Bob Allen

My objective when I started this law firm in 1993 was to help my clients integrate law into their businesses not only in a way that helped them but in a way they could understand.

Legal issues don’t always have to be complicated. That doesn’t mean solutions are easy. But by listening carefully and clarifying our clients’ needs, we can usually make things that seem complex much more manageable. We like to help clients turn problems into opportunities.

We also find that once we understand our clients’ needs, we can usually write agreements in a way that minimizes the risk of lawsuits. We do this by making the agreements we write very clear as to the expectations of all parties involved.

We work very hard at being “active listeners” which allows us to identify and clarify all the issues. We continually strive for clarity in our communications, precision in our analysis, and to find solutions based on experience and creativity.

These are the principles on which our firm is built. We seek to deliver the best quality legal services possible — on par with very large law firms – but with highly personalized attention.

We strive for a culture where our team members are committed to ethics, excellence and a balanced approach to life. Each professional at Robert Allen understands this and we don’t hire lawyers or staff unless we are convinced of their commitment to these principles.

There are two consistent complaints we see (year after year) in national surveys of law firm clients. One is that lawyers are not good listeners and the other that lawyers do not understand their clients’ business. We don’t want any of our clients to ever say that about Robert Allen. We truly seek to become an essential part of our clients’ executive team in facilitating business strategy and planning. We vigorously defend our clients’ best interests whether in transactions, at the negotiating table, or in the courtroom.

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